Saturday, July 30, 2011

Upcoming Encyclopedia of Doris readings

My book is coming out next week!
Upcoming Reading Tours:
August 11: Asheville NC, Malaprops Bookstore 7:00
September 23: Baltimore MD, Anarchist book fair; 6:00
September 24: Philadelpia PA, Wooden Shoe Bookstore; 7:00
September 25: NYC, Bluestockings Bookstore
September 26: Brooklyn, Bookthug Nation
September 27: North Hampton, MA, Food For Thought
September 28: may be somewhere in Vermont
September 29-30: Montreal
October 1-2:
October 3: Toronto
October 4: Pittsburgh

Friday, July 22, 2011

go to this event if you can

Come witness some Good Old Fashion Queer Magic
in The New Road Home Tour 2011!!

they are playing in Denver, Lawrence, chicago, Portland ME, Philladelphia, Pittsburgh. for more info check out Nomy's site at

DavEnd, Nomy Lamm, Melodie Younce and Erin Daly will remix notions of gender, sexuality, dis/ability, community and family, while tenderly, ferociously touching into themes of forgiveness, hope, and empowerment in these supposed "end times."

August 13th. Saturday. 8 pm
Irma Freeman Center for Imagination
5006 Penn Avenue 15224
$7 - 12 Sliding Scale - Noone Turned Away!

The "New Road Home Tour 2011" explores the new possibilities for the embodiment of dreams. This performance includes multi-part harmonies, multi-media displays of affection, badass costumery, storytelling accordion, bass, guitar, violin, live looping, improvisation, audience participation, and good ole fashion queer magic.

Emerging from the Olympia riot grrrl scene of the early 90s, NOMY LAMMhas brought her radically vulnerable message of body positivity to the whole wide world through a blend of zines, voice lessons, rock operas, performance art and collaboration. Currently she lives in San Francisco where she performs with Sins Invalid, ( a bay area project that creates work around disability, sexuality, social justice and embodiment. Her current musical project, nomy lamm & The WHOLE WIDE WORLD is a flexible platform for collaboration with everyone and everything, and in the moment, with Melodie Younce, Erin Daly, DavEnd, and Caldwell Linker. (

DAVE ENDis a tender-hearted, genderqueer, costume designing, accordion wielding, songwriter and performer, based out of San Francisco. Currently, DavEnd is working on her 3rd studio album, “Likewize, I’m Sure” as well as finishing up a month long stint in Taylor Mac’s epic 5 hour play, ‘The Lily’s Revenge’. Ms End’s most recent performance project, Fabulous Artistic Guys Get Overtly Traumatized Sometimes: The Musical!, is the culmination of four years of nearly constant touring and performance, and brings together the worlds of music and radical performance art in a theatrical extravaganza, exploring the effects of heterosexism and street harassment on the development of queer identity.

reading tour dates

Upcoming Reading Tour:
August 11: Asheville NC, Malaprops Bookstore
September 23: Baltimore MD, Anarchist book fair; 6:00
September 24: Philadelpia PA, Wooden Shoe Bookstore; 7:00
September 25: NYC, Bluestockings Bookstore
September 26: Brooklyn, Bookthug Nation
September 27: North Hampton, MA, Food For Thought
September 28: may be somewhere in Vermont
September 29-30: Montreal
October 1-2:
October 3: Toronto
October 4: Pittsburgh
New zines to doris distro
Encyclopedia of Doris: stories, essays, interviews
Issues 19-27 of Doris zine plus a bunch of stuff that was printed in other zines and a bunch of new writing! It will be coming out in the beginning of August!

The Papas
this zine by Spoonboy goes with the record of his band The Papas, but I got some zines separately because they are really good and important. It has a really good story/essay about cultural myths - the way masculinity is portraid and taught us; captialism, suicide, queerness and fighting back. also some ways to challenge patriarchy and reprints of really great articles "Masculinity and Homophobia, by Michael Kimmel; I Want a 24 Hour Truce During Which There Is No Rape by Andrea Dworkin; and excerpts from The Will to Change by bell hooks

Eleven Months
written by Paul who wrote the Don't be A Dick zine, Eleven Months is a zine about their "experience teaching in the jail in downtown Seattle. It is a mix of experiences, dreams, analysis, rumors, attempt to condense a magnificent, traumatic, grueling experience into something to share with others"

Without Words + Without Kneeling: the first six issues

Written by Tom of Rad Dad zine. This zine is a way to explore books about Anarchism from different viewpoints. I really love it. It's fiction - and the story is about an anarchist study group. Each charater is nicely developed and comes from different perspectives - all of which are really relatable. They discuss the books, but mostly the different ideas and viewpoints come out in their lives and realtionships with eachother. Hard to explain but cool. Books discussed include Crimethinc, Anarchism and it's Aspirations by Cindy Milstein, Pacifism as Pathology by Churchill, The Philosophy of Punk and more.

Virgin #1
This zine is about being a virgin, being ok with it, and how the rest of the world does not seem to think it's ok. It's about being queer, NOT asexual, crushes she's had, assumptions people make, and more.

Virgin #2
Contributor issue: stories and articles dealing with disability, asexuality, rape, the marketing of virginity, self-image, etc

When the Crash Meets Something Solid #008: Something Very Ugly

another installment of Gabrielles zine about time she spent in the sex industry in Minneapolis, her herion/drug addiction and recovery.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Preorder The Doris Encyclopedia!

I only have 8 more pages to write for the Doris Encyclopedia, which is Doris 19-27 plus a bunch of new writing, interviews, and articles I wrote for MaximumRockandRpll and other zines! I'm taking pre-orders on a fundraising website called Kickstarter. click here to link
Spread the word!
thanks so much!!!
It's scheduled to be printed by the end of July!!!

upcoming Snarlas shows

We'll be playing in Columbus May 24, with Pink Houses and Lose the Tude, at the Villa Villa Kula house.
then on may 30 in Athens OH with Street Legal at Smiling Skull
June 4, Chattanooga TN at the Do You Hear We fest!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

shows + more new zines!

Snarlas will be playing May 24 in Columbus at the 15th street house, and May 30 in Athens OH at the Smiling Skull. Also, there's a Girls Rock Camp benefit show May 27 at Subama Women's Land, near Athens. It's women only trans inclusive. We'll be in Chattanooga TN for Do You Hear We Fest, June 3-5!

More new zines in the distro doris distro

!!!!!!!!!!Featured Music of the Season!!!!!!!!!!
Wild Miners CDR
singer/songwriter, sultry, beautiful singing. She's in a band called Octopus and Owl now, which should be on tour this summer, so check it out. click here
listen to wild miners

Shotgun Seamstress #5
A zine by and for black punks, queers, feminists, artists, musicians. Articles about bands Death and ESG, interviews with DJ Soul Sister, Aye Naico and Kicktease. plus a critique of corporate sponsored Afro-punk

Rad Girlz: my struggles with sexism, racism and violence
looking personally and critically about how sexism and violence have shaped her life. what it means that all white people are racist, what it mean politically and in her life. She talks about being queer, trying to reclaim her sexuality, dealing with eating disorders and cutting.

When the Crash Meets Something Solid #6: organs of voice and respiration
deals with time spent in the sex industry, drug addiction and recovery and being a mother. Poems and stories and journal entries.

The "T" Word: pass the mission
a zine made by Tranzmission about all kinds of stuff - How to be a good ally, language definitions, poems, personal stories, flyers from events, questioning DIY ethics in the Trans Liberation Movement, transexual prisoners, and reading recommendations. Procededs go to Transmission Prison Books Project

When the Crash Meets Something Solid #007: Widowmaker
continuation of the story of sexindustry and addiction. This one has a section on an abusive relationship she got out of in 2009.